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The Mindset & Nutrition Coaching Program teaches the ‘ how-to’ behind proper dietary practices, a vital foundational principle that is often overlooked by most people. However, your wellness journey will be radically shifted when you choose to make nutrition a top health priority.

Proper implementation of this information can unlock massive and swift physical and mental transformations for clients. Coach UMAX uses his expertise to teach behavioral and habit shifting techniques, allowing for clients to overcome mental, emotional, and psychological obstacles and blockages. 

Clients typically experience the most profound fat loss when they combine hands-on nutritional knowledge with behavioral & habit shifting techniques.

This monthly program provides additional hands-on nutritional knowledge, to remove any confusion or complication when it comes to creating long-term habit changes. This progress is tracked with weekly calls to monitor your improvement along your wellness journey.  

What You Get:

  • Nutrition assessment of current eating habits & behaviors.

  • Customized nutrition coaching techniques designed specifically for each client and their desired goals.

  • Four 45 minute (video or audio) calls per month

  • Weekly review of client’s progress and further habit training to meet goals.

  • Direct access to your Nutrition Coach through email & text to provide support for situations that require immediate attention.


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