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Changed my life. And it all started with a mental & physical a** whooping.

"An avid workout buff for much of my adult life, getting married and starting a family put me on a lazy course to an overweight dreaded dad bod. Finding time to work out proved difficult. I had tried in past years to regain my old self only to fail after 2-3 months.


Umax possesses a special skill not seen in many trainers. His ability to make me dig deep within, to challenge myself mentally, was precisely what I needed to get back on track. The mental exercises were as grueling as the physical.


In my 20 years of training, I’ve never sweat more, I’ve never wanted to quit more, and I’ve never worked as hard!


His work with mindset coaching and his love and passion for what he does, has changed my life. And it all started with a mental and physical a** whopping!"

~ Johnpaul M.


Lost Over 45 Pounds In 6 Months!

¨Umax educated me in so many ways from eating the right food, making the right smoothies, meal prep, etc.


I lost over 45 lbs in this picture and it took us 6 months to get there . Within that 6 months he pushed me to do things I've never thought I could do.


I'm forever grateful. Thank you so much.¨

~ Nicole D.


Able to hug my knees together again and tie my shoelaces more easliy!

¨I’m a dancer in my 60’s. My first experience with UMAX was when I took an online fitness class that he offered. I was seeking help correcting some postural alignment issues resulting from a hip injury 4 years ago.

After putting me through some diagnostic movements, he gave me a simple exercise I could repeat several times a day. After a week, I noticed a significant improvement—it was easier to stand up! Encouraged, I set up a series of consults over the next 3 months.

He knew exactly what to do to re-train my hip muscles on both sides to be more balanced. He took into consideration my age and activity level and built upon my skills and abilities to even out my flexibility, strength and range of motion. He’s definitely helped my dancing, along with how I walk, exercise and move in general. It was so gratifying to be able to hug my knees together again while doing floor stretches and to tie my right shoelaces more easily!"

~ Sylvia C.

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Overcame mental blocks to achieve goals!

"Umax is phenomenal. He works out your body, but also reshapes your mindset around health, fitness, and beyond. Many of the obstacles in our lives are mental and Umax helps you move past them to achieve your goals.” 

~ Jake C.


Lost 12 Pounds on the MAXLETE SUMMER WARRIOR Transformation Challenge!

"Before I met UMAX, I felt stuck in a vicious cycle that left me feeling like I couldn't lose weight again. After just two weeks, people noticed a difference in the way I carried myself. I felt accountable and capable of approaching weight loss in a different way.

The customized workouts and the fabulous APP gave me the confidence I needed to get back in the weights room and focus on myself in the gym environment.

UMAX's professional integrity, experience in fitness and natural ability to connect with and inspire people, has helped me to learn new tools to stay focused and motivated. For that and so much more, I am truly thankful."

~ Nicole B.

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Lost 7 Pounds on the MAXLETE SUMMER WARRIOR Transformation Challenge!

¨"This Transformation Program changed my life! It reshaped my view on fitness, exercise, nutrition, focus and determination. Umax and his associated trainers helped me to push myself past what I thought I could do. They taught me proper form for some exercises. But, the biggest change was my mental state. Fitness is part physical and part mental. They go hand in hand! Learning that and understanding that during this challenge really boosted my workouts and outlook on fitness!"

~ Andrea F.


Overcame Emotional Eating &

Renewed Energy!

"Training with UMAX has allowed me to a take a 360 degree look at my well-being and to go on the record about the vision that I have for my life. 

In my case, it has allowed me to find the momentum necessary to break through a mental and physical plateau. I am filled with renewed energy.


I have found the courage necessary to start on a nutrition plan that I could only have done by letting go of emotional eating. ¨

~ Patrice F.


Neck and Chest Back to College Measurements!

"Training with UMAX has been a great experience. It wasn't long before I started to see and feel the results of his personalized training regiments. After a year of weekly training sessions with UMAX, my strength, endurance, and flexibility are vastly improved.

 My neck is back to college-age measurements as well (17 inches), but without the double chin/excess fat. In other words, UMAX is turning me into a beast!


The best part about working with UMAX by far is the knowledge I continue to gain. Now I'm able to work out with confidence on my own. Even without a gym or any equipment to speak of, I can still execute an extremely intensive and well-rounded workout."

~ Andre J.


Lost 80 Pounds in First 1.5 Years With UMAX!

"He is amazing at what he does. He doesn't only just give your physical exercise but he exercises your mental as well. Thats what made him stand out to me from all the trainers I have encountered. I lost 80 pounds in my first year and half with him. I was looking like a snack and half. I would recommend him to the world. He helped me achieved a goal I wanted for so long through determination, perseverance, and dedication.¨

~ Karima F.

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