*One-On-One Training and Semi-Private Training Available


Benefits of UMAXercise Personal Training include:


- An individualized fitness program specifically designed for you

- An efficient workout program with innovative ways to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health

- Mental training to increase focus, drive and determination in multiple facets of life


Fit Starter Program - 10 Session Package:

(minimum of 2 sessions/week)

- Jump-start your journey to fitness with a combination of cardio, resistance and strength training.

- Learn how to increase strength, speed and endurance and start shaping your body into the NEW YOU.

- Gain knowledge on how to increase focus, drive and determination as well as maintain motivation.

- Introductory nutritional information to put you on the best path towards significant fat loss.


Mind-Body Sculpting - 15 Session Package:

(minimum of 3 sessions/week)

- This program incorporates physical and mental training exercises to shape the body.

- Combinations of interval, cardio, resistance, balance and strength training are required to give your body an UPGRADE.

- Implementation of new thought patterns to strengthen the connection between the mind and the body.

- Utilizing exercise and tasks that help maintain motivation and adherence to the program to achieve your new shape.

- Nutritional information to help speed up the mind-body sculpting process.


Transformation Specialist

Virtual & In-Person Training

Located in The Tri-State Area

Tel: 516-321-0997

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