Diet & Mindful Nutrition Workshop

  • Learn about Macronutrients and what they do to your body

  • Learn the distinction of eating healthy and eating for your goals

  • Learn the difference between Hunger, Cravings, and Desire

  • Discover any potential emotional and psychological triggers 

  • Build awareness of your state of being when you eat

Finding Motivation & Running With It Workshop

  • Learn how to set powerful, meaningful goals

  • Discover how to strengthen your motivation

  • Learn how to transfer your motivation into action

  • Learn how to keep your motivation high when you feel everything around you trying to pull you down

Create an AT-MAX-SPHERE Workshop

  • Build an awareness about your current state of mind and how you think

  • Learn how to change your mindset in minutes instead of months

  • Create an environment that nurtures your mindset

  • Learn techniques to change limiting beliefs and reinforce empowering ones

How To Deal With Stress Workshop

  • Learn about your stressors and coping behaviors

  • Learn how to shift your focus towards your desired outcome

  • Learn how to change the meaning of your stressors

  • Discover how changing your behavior can improve the quality of your life